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Level-Funded TPA Services

Long-term approach to controlling cost and improving health

Level FundedThe current state of health care is unsustainable. Employers are realizing the benefits of partnering directly with large health care providers to best manage their health risks and to simplify the administration of benefits.

The teams at WellSpan Population Health Services and Excess Re have developed a new level-funded product to meet the needs of employers. Now you have the best of both worlds—a self-insured medical plan with controlled aggregate protection. Our program protects you from claims volatility and stabilizes cash flow with our risk mitigation strategies, claims processing and payment as your plan administrator.

Features of level-funded insurance

When you select a level-funded plan administered by WellSpan Population Health Services, you are selecting a product approved by a team of experienced professionals, offering comprehensive services that provide you with important and reliable information to help you manage workplace safety and employee health:

  • Customization of benefits, eligibility and payroll contributions
  • Access to WellSpan’s high performance network – WellSpan Provider Network
  • Regular reporting of plan performance
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Limited risk
  • Shared savings during better-than-expected performance years
  • Excess Re partnership – a proven leader in reinsurance products
  • Not subject to several key ACA regulations such as mandated benefits and the health insurance tax
  • Federal ERISA preemption of state mandates

Through Excess Re’s exclusive aggregate-only, stop-loss CAP (Controlled Aggregate Protection) product, we simplify the self-funding process by covering all eligible medical claims under a single aggregate attachment point.


  • Available for employers with 25+ subscribers
  • Seventy percent of enrolled employees must reside in Adams or York counties
  • Simplified self-funding
  • No claims volatility – fixed monthly payment that covers all costs
  • Employer receives 100 percent of pharmacy rebates

Commitment to service excellence

Combining cost controls with uncompromised service is possible with WellSpan’s clinical expertise and relationships with local health care  professionals. We offer you, your employees and their dependents highly coordinated and personalized care. Our option for level-funded, self-insured health plans can help keep your employees and your bottom line healthy year after year.

A trusted health care partner delivering value and improved health

At WellSpan Health, our goal is to support your most valuable resource – your employees. When you choose WellSpan Population Health to provide your level-funded self-insured medical plan administration, you benefit from:

  • Access to our high performing, clinically aligned network – WellSpan Provider Network
  • Significant savings achieved through coordinated care, focused attention on prevention and management of chronic conditions and reduction in unnecessary care
  • Robust pharmacy and medical management programs with proven results
  • Superior inpatient and outpatient savings compared to other insurance carriers
  • Exceptional customer service unmatched by others
  • Lower administrative fees

As a result, WellSpan and Excess Re help you to mitigate risk, control claims volatility and reduce administration costs.

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